Cinesure Pty Ltd was formed following the merger of Film Insurance Underwriting Agencies Pty Ltd (FIUA) and Latitude Film and TV (previously Cinesure) on 1st January 2013 and is a specialist film and television underwriting agency dedicated to providing innovative professional insurance coverage for the film and television industry in Australia and New Zealand.  Based in Australia Cinesure is well versed in the requirements of the local industry and has all the capabilities and expertise necessary to provide solutions for all your insurance needs. We aim to provide the highest level of professional service to all clients.


A little more detail

Film Producers’ Indemnity (CAST)

Financial Loss to the Production Company where a Named Person suffers an accident, illness or even death during the policy period. Typical people insured are Principal Actors, Director and Producer.

Props, Sets and Wardrobe

Physical Loss or Damage to Props, Set and Wardrobe, used in connection with a production.

Equipment & Office Contents

Physical Loss or Damage to Equipment (cameras, lighting and sound) used in connection with a production. Cover can also include equipment such as edit suites and associated equipment.


Loss of Money used in connection with a Production such as ‘petty cash’ and ‘production floats’ on location.

Public Liability

Providing protection to the Production Company for sums, which they become legally liable to pay as compensation (excluding punitive or exemplary damages) in relation to:

  • Bodily Injury (including Death & Illness).
  • Loss of or Damage to Property including Loss of Use.

Extra Expense

Additional Expenses the Production company incurs, following Physical Loss or Damage to cameras, equipment or facilities.

Negative Film Risks / Content Media

Physical Loss or Damage to Negatives/Videotape and other forms of Content Media. Cover is also extended to provide for Faulty Stock, Faulty Camera and Faulty Processing losses if required.

Errors and Omissions Policy

Liability for sums the Production Company becomes legally obligated to pay as Damages. These Damages may be awarded in a court of law for:

  • Invasion, Infringement or Interference with Privacy or Publicity rights.
  • Infringements of Copyright or Trademark.
  • Libel, Slander or other forms of Defamation.
  • Plagiarism, Piracy, or Unfair Competition resulting from alleged unauthorized use of Titles and Formats, Ideas, Characters, Plots, Performances or other material.
  • Breach of Contract.
  • Coverage is World wide and normally issued for an initial period of 3 years.